The Bearded Piano Tuner - Salisbury, MD

Proudly Tuning & Servicing Delmarva's Pianos - from the Beach to the Bay!

Piano Tuning Services

If your piano has been sitting a while without maintenance, it is probably time for a fresh tuning and mechanical inspection.  Even new pianos must be tuned regularly in order to keep correct pitch.

As a boy growing up playing the piano in church, my fascination and love for the piano developed at an early age.  Now, as a tuner, I have tuned pianos for homes, businesses, churches, schools, concerts, and other special occasions.  You can count on me to produce a final result that is perfectly pleasing.  Thank you for choosing The Bearded Piano Tuner!

Services & Price List

Concert Pitch Tuning: $75
(including pitch raise, if necessary)

Repair Piano Action: ~$100
(includes tuning; price may vary)